We can clean all surfaces from tarmac, concrete, stenciled concrete, tiles, brick pavers to pebblecrete and sandstone. Whether your driveway or path needs a good clean, your carpark needs cleaning to stop any possible slip and slide or your patio and pool surrounds need a freshen up to combat the mould that has caused the area to go black, we can clean it all.

We use different cleaning techniques dependent upon the surface. From the revolutionary floor whirlaway cleaning tool for most floor surfaces to handheld pressure lance for the more delicate sandstone. This may also involve soft brushing or hand washing and low pressure washing to ensure the integrity of your particular surface.

Whilst oil and and grease can be removed from the surface, if the stain has been in the floor for some time, this will eventually seep into the lower levels of the material surface. It is always best to have any surface cleaned as soon as possible if you have a spillage of any kind. This will enable us to give you the best possible results when it comes to cleaning those surfaces. Please advise us of any particular areas of concern when requesting a quote to ensure we are able to treat the area with the right product when we come to clean.

All of our cleaning equipment is industrial grade and quality for the purposes of professional pressure washing and all detergents used are fully bio-degradable, eco-friendly and Australian made for Australian conditions. These detergents do not include bleach or chlorine and do not carry any fumes. They are environmentally safe and are therefore kind to plants, pets and humans. They include mould inhibitors to restrict the regrowth of mould and mildew.

Upon arrival our team will firstly assess the areas to be cleaned and look for any areas that have mould, grease or oil. If required, the surface is firstly sprayed with our environmentally friendly detergent. This will be left to sit for a few minutes to start breaking down the dirt. If some areas are heavily stained, these will receive a higher level concentration of the cleaning solution. Our specialized floor whirlaway pressure washer (or other appropriate tool dependent upon your surface) is then used to clean the area thoroughly. Finally the area will be washed down to rinse away the dirt and grime that has been removed.