Mould Removal
Over the years, as dirt builds up on your property, it gives mould, lichen and other organisms the ability to build and have a food source to establish themselves and to thrive. By regularly removing this build up of dirt, you are restricting the ability of these organisms to form.

Mould tends to build up in damp areas of the property that are restricted from the sun’s rays. Where mould exists, it can leave the area black, damp and dull.

The bio-degradable cleaning products we use are designed to breakdown the dirt. Combined with our washing process, this removes the dirt completely.

The cleaning products we use are Australian made for Australian conditions and include mould inhibitors to slow down to reformation of mould. Being environmentally friendly, we can use our products on any surface. Plants and your garden will be safe and your pets are free to roam without being affected at all. They are bio-degradable and eco-friendly detergents that do not include bleach or chlorine and do not carry any fumes.

You can be safe in the knowledge that the company you have chosen, Exterior Cleaners, will not damage the environment in any way.

Our cleaning professionals will clean your property safely and thoroughly and make your home look the best it can be.