1300 House Wash use a two stage cleaning method to clean your roof. Instead of blasting the roof with high pressure water to strip the dirt away, we firstly apply a blend of chemicals to help break the bond of the dirt to the roof and also kill any lichen and mould spores. We then clean over the entire roof with a whirlaway specialised roof cleaning tool, at a low to medium pressure, to remove the grime and rinse the surface.

The 1300 system is far better for your roof surface than high pressure blasting because:

  1. The chemical blend is applied at low pressure and rinsed off with our whirlaway under low to medium pressure to safeguard the surface of your roof. This is especially important with painted roofs that may be left completely stripped using high pressure water blasting methods.
  2. It will kill all mould and lichen spores that high pressure water on its own will not remove. This will increase the long term look of your roof, as the roof has been sanitised and will no longer be full of left over spores that will grow back, as they will with high pressure cleaning.
  3. The two stage process we use will give instant results unlike some long duration chemical cleaning agents currently on the market that can take many months to start working.

As you can see there are many benefits to cleaning your roof with the 1300 two stage system. You can also be confident and assured that the products we use are fully bio-degradable, so they are not only good for your roof but they are good for the environment as well.

Our system is suitable for all types of roof surfaces from terracotta to tile to colourbond. 1300 House Wash can clean any roof and leave it looking the best it can.

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