Professional Solar Cleaning

1300 Solar Clean (a division of the 1300 Group) offers the best high quality German made system to thoroughly clean your Solar Panels and leave them spot free, producing the maximum power production.

Unlike many cleaning companies that simply use a broom and hose to brush away the surface dirt, the iSolar system has been designed to mechanically clean the face of the panels with two counter rotating brush heads and a water flow rate of 22 litres per minute. The water used is run through a de-ionising system to ensure water purity and produce a spot free finish on the glass surface of your panels. As the water is pure and we do not use any chemicals, our system is completely safe if you have water tanks collecting rain from your roof.

By engaging 1300 Solar Clean you can be comfortable in knowing you are getting a professional clean of your solar panels by trained staff using the best available German cleaning technology.

We also offer an additional service to protect your panels between cleans. The Solar Shield system can be applied to your panels after the cleaning is complete. This will leave a barrier on the panels to protect them further and reduce the amount of surface dust and dirt that can build up over time. Applying this barrier will help to maintain a better long term power production from the panels between cleans as the rain water will flush debris easier from the panel surface.

The 1300 Group have extensive knowledge in exterior property cleaning incorporating 1300 Housewash, 1300 Roofclean. 1300 Gutterclean and 1300 Solarclean.